GIFBot is an interactive bot for Twitch that lets you play animations and videos to bring fun interactions to your community!

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Bring the fun to your community!

GIFBot is completely free! Download now to get started! Version 1.0e now available - April 2022!

A Fully Customizable Bot - Facilitating Creative Fun!

No really, have you seen what some streamers have done with this thing?

Twitch Events

Listens to chat for commands and cheers. Can also handle special events like subscriptions and channel point redemptions!

Flexible Use

Don't let the name fool you! You can use MP4s and Webm files in addition to GIFs!


Offers integration with Streamlabs and StreamElements so you can offer special incentives for tips!

Fully Customizable

You can add as many animation commands and events as you like. You can even add variations or chain commands off each other!

Free to Use

GIFBot is free to download and use. I have zero desire to profit. I just like to see people have fun!

Self-Hosted Web Application

You don't provide your information to a public server. Everything is hosted right on your computer and remains there. Nothing is ever uploaded or saved outside of your environment!

Combined Goal Bar

Create a goal that takes into consideration bits, subs, AND tips all in one!

The Regurgitator

Mistakes were made during the St. Jude PlayLIVE season. Yes, there's a "dad joke bot" but you can use it for facts or other zany things!


Let your viewers put stickers all over your scenes for cheers, channel points, tips, or charitable donations!


Greet specific viewers when they pay a visit! Create different groups of people, too!


Have giveaways using traditional chat or channel points!

StreamDeck Integration

Download the GIFBot plugin from the Elgato shop and trigger animations from your Stream Deck!

Setup is Quick and Easy!

Follow the getting started guide for getting the bot installed, configured, and running with your first animations! There are more advanced videos that highlight the advanced features of the bot as well.

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Let's Goooooo!

Support development with a tip!

GIFBot is, and always will be, free, but if you'd like to help support its further development, please consider tipping!

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